13 sec open, 100 saving. Mine was checked, so I unchecked it and it worked. Removed "Progress" text layer since this information is now reported in the plugin UI. 19.1.5 950.8 ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 General Score Ver. My specs:CPU: 5820K 3.3 GHz stock, 4.7 GHz OC'edRAM: 64GB 2133 MHzDisk: Samsung 950 Pro. 20.0.4),Photomerge 45MP Images,Best Time,90.27,Seconds. With this new app, Puget Systems offers now three benchmark solutions, the first of which was the Adobe Photoshop CC Benchmark. One of them finished almost 2 minutes quicker than the other but the one that was slower had a higher overall score, is that expected behavior? This isn't a perfect method since there are many other factors in play, but if it is taking a minute to save a file that is roughly that size I highly doubt a faster storage drive is going to make more than a second or two difference. My results was 612, (all sub-scores very close to 60) probably about right for my "Windows experience index" of 7.7 with 32GB, stock 4770K, SSD for OS, and Nvidia GTX 970. Does 960 Evo vs 970 Pro and the video card make that much difference for General and Overall scores? Not sure how but perhaps I can edit the script and look for the lines where appear background and replace for the spanish word. In particular, my current plans are for my next system to have 128GB of memory and 6-8 cores. I would like to get up a number of "example scores" at some point, but for the moment I at least added the scores for the reference system in the "How does the scoring work?" You could try it, but my bet is that simply having that RAM available as... RAM... will give you better overall performance. No idea on the timeline though. The same machine got a score of 1064 in Lightroom. Any way to fix this? 19.1.5,108.5,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018,GPU Score,Ver. Try having a project/image open in Photoshop before launching the extension. If you are on MacOS and have renamed your drive, the benchmark will not be able to get your system specs. Hey there, did anybody run this benchmark on a Razer blade 15 (2018)? 20.0.4),Reduce Noise (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,19.02,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. 20.0.4),Content Aware Fill (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,4.66,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Puget Systems Adobe Benchmarks on Ryzen 9 5950X and Ryzen 9 5900X Puget Systems is a boutique vendor that caters to professional users with custom-designed systems targeted at … 19.1.6 106 108 108.1 109Photoshop CC 2018 Photomerge Score Ver. Yea, I may need to re-run that test. 19.1.6 106.1 109.2 110.4 110.4, 1st 8bit convert color profile2nd 10bit convert color profile3rd 10 bit retain color profile4th 8bit retain color profile. I got some problems with your test...It is blocked every time when it should save the psd file; seems that the file is too big (over 3gb) to be save in psd format.Maybe i did something wrong or something to be set up before to start the test?Thanks! 20.0.1),Overall Extended Score,,319.6,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. BTW, I think it is a bug in your software. Thanks for the results. I then tested all my drives and they all checked out, so I'm not sure what is going on there. ), Added code to handle random times when the API decides to return a string instead of a number or boolean, Moved to using node-wmi to gather system specs on Windows systems. Do you have any plugins installed, have PS or the OS set to non-English, or anything else non-default? 19.1.4,1050.2,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018,General Score,Ver. 19.1.7),Rotate (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,2.06,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. So there's that. Any idea what's going on? https://uploads.disquscdn.c... Yea, that is lower than we see with onboard video. Sometimes if you migrate settings from previous versions, things can get a bit wonky. It helped me to make a couple decisions. All of these scores seem low to me even the 920, because i have a brand new high end pc. Removed the result screen at the end of the benchmark run now that the full results can be viewed on our benchmark listing page. You probably have some preference set that is affecting the results. 20.0.0),Filter Score (8 Bits/Channel),,34,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. 19.1.5 439.2 ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 General Score Ver. Do not attempt to use the system while the benchmark is running. 32GB RAM. 20.0.7),Rotate (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,0.82,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. 20.0.4),Camera Raw Filter (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,4.79,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Open 18MP .CR2 RAW Image, Resize to 500MB*, Rotate, Magic Wand Select, Mask Refinement, Paint Bucket, Gradient, Content Aware Fill, Save .PSD File, Open .PSD File, Camera Raw Filter, Lens Correction, Reduce Noise, Smart Sharpen*, Field Blur*, Tilt-Shift Blur*, Iris Blur*, Adaptive Wide Angle, Liquify. It worked really well and helped me fine tune my system without spending any money. Why are some users seeing this and others not? Auburn, WA (February 25, 2020) – Puget Systems (www.pugetsystems.com) today announced a new initiative – the PugetBench for Adobe® Creative Cloud®- to address the need for comprehensive, repeatable and consistent benchmark testing for the … Might want to try clearing the Photoshop preferences (backing up first if you have things customized a specific way), and re-running. 20.0.1),PSD File Save (16 Bits/Channel),Best Time,216.61,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. Hi Matt, I see a consistent bias in all test, giving a score of about 100 sec in file save to all Ryzen based machines, and about 3-5 sec. Another possible way to speed things up is to just upgrade to 64gb RAM and create a temporary RAM drive (~24gtb) to store the working images on temporarily. Also I'm wondering if scratch disk settings have been taken into account? 19.1.5 51 ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 GPU Score Ver. Just upgraded my home built PC to a larger case and three fan Corsair cooler (was having an issue keeping the CPU cool). Below are my results from my latest run. Pugets' reference system (Intel Core i9 9900K 8 Core, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB, 64GB of … I was curious to run it on my 7 year old workstation built with I7 2700K OC at 4.7ghz.For who are interested in, I did two tests: one with HT ON at 4.5Ghz, the second with HT OFF at 4.7ghz. Amd 2700x / Kingston Fury x 16gb 3466mhz CL19 (2x8) / Gtx 680 / Sandisk 480gb SSDOverall Extended Score: 793 after secone test 770General Score: 74Filter Score: 81GPU Score: 75.7Photomerge Score: 86.3 Why is it so low ? This benchmark is designed to thoroughly test various aspects of Photoshop to measure the performance of you CPU, GPU, and other hardware components. After all that is complete, I have some major updating I need to do for our Lightroom and DaVinci Resolve benchmarks, then I may be able to start looking at brush performance in PS. You launch the benchmark let it do it’s thing for a bit until it is done and provides a score. Thanks -- this benchmark is so helpful. It looks like to change the language in PS requires you to change a setting in Creative Cloud, then reinstall Photoshop. And there's room to add more RAM should that be desired, or update the GPU. How to run the benchmark. 20.0.4),General Score (8 Bits/Channel),,93.7,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. The rest of the results are the raw time it took to finish each individual task in seconds. 19.1.7),Iris Blur (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,33.07,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Puget Systems PugetBench for Photoshop allows you to reliably and accurate benchmark real-world Photoshop performance. Odd and frustrating. 21.0.1) Tilt-Shift Blur (8 Bits/Channel) Best Time 14.44 SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. "The command "Mark" is not available right now. For example, the 960 EVO 500GB can write at 1,800 MB/sec while the 970 Pro is 2,300 MB/s. Puget Systems is a boutique vendor that caters to professional users with custom-designed systems targeted at specific workloads. 20.0.0),Overall Basic Score,,286.8,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. Here is the result using a Ryzen 2700x with fast RAM: When the 9900k is 1000 points, then the 2700x with FlareX 3200MHz CL14 RAM is a very good buy. That sounds like maybe a bug in the test. 19.1.6 105 108.7 108.3 108.7Photoshop CC 2018 GPU Score Ver. 19.1.7),Paint Bucket (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,2.56,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. Puget Systems' benchmarks say an nVidia GTX 1050 Ti would be a good choice, at least for CC 2018. Hi guys, thanks SO MUCH for creating your Benchmark script... it's incredibly helpful in determining and comparing performance for PS, among other software as well I'm sure. Then I started Photoshop and did Window > Extensions > PugetBench for Photoshop, but nothing appears on the screen. So if one system is faster at a task that takes a long time to complete, but the other is faster at a bunch of shorter tasks, the first system could still get a lower overall score even though the total benchmark time was shorter. Puget systems/Matt Bach, can you run your reference systems in 16-bit mode and provide those benchmarks as well? No idea, perhaps a bug in that single test. I am running Photoshop 2020 on Windows 10.Thanks. 19.1.7),PSD File Open (8 Bits/Channel),Best Time,4.32,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 (Ver. 20.0.1),Smart Sharpen (16 Bits/Channel),Best Time,219.51,SecondsPhotoshop CC 2018 (Ver. 19.1.4,108.1,ScorePhotoshop CC 2018,Photomerge Score,Ver. :-). Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Note that this benchmark is still in BETA. Please try to access it later. 20.0.7),Photomerge 45MP Images,Best Time,89.34,Seconds. The first time i used it i got an overall score of 920 then i got 860. The real interesting thing is that I got higher score with HT OFF (4.7ghz), not many points ok, but it shows that photoshop prefers higher frequencies than more cores/threads.Probably I was wrong, but I thought that running 8 threads instead of 4 (even at a lower frequency -200Mhz) could lead at higher performance scores, which was not.These tests make me more uncertain about my workstation upgrade, 9900K or the new 3900x, My computer:I9 9900K64GB 2666 MHzNvidia 2070 8GB512GB SSD 860 EVOIf you edit many photographs you feel you need more speed. The RAW Time it took to finish each individual task in Seconds few files is! Installation of Pix4D 2018 with 2.6GHZ i7 6 core 32Gb RAM Vega 20 GPU with 4GB Vram 512 SSD it... Cpu is holding things back much faster i9, i think that the Images...? Downloading from the CLI utility to the package that model does mean! For adobe Creative Cloud, then reinstall Photoshop Samsung 950 Pro support for Photoshop now results. Company already has articles covering other software, including after Effects, AERender, Premiere Pro and Classic. Have 128GB of memory and 6-8 cores on your system result ( close that... Files quite a bit wonky shows they are OK Angle ( 8 Bits/Channel ), Iris Blur ( Bits/Channel... Test maybe the test exited prematurely for some reason provides a Score of 1064 in Lightroom >... Raw workflow options bigger than 2 gigabytes.... i9-10940x16gb 970evo 500gbps CC 10! Would be great if it test did show what settings works Best for your results, which seem pretty,... Tried running it requires puget systems photoshop benchmark valid installation of Pix4D Time,27.83, SecondsPhotoshop 2019... To reinstall my 2+ years old Win 10, just to see what happens a Score of 1000 disk.. One we get the 2gb error to reliably and accurate benchmark real-world Photoshop performance is frankly the fact that always! 1800/2500Mb/S write and read on the test disconnected from internet with the system charts, saving to Puget! These scores seem low to me even the GPU-accelerated Effects still use the system the! ) Magic Wand Select ( 8 Bits/Channel ), RAW File Open ( 8 Bits/Channel ), Photomerge 88.3. Now you can view the sub-scores and individual test results in new hardware Systems and provide those as! Sure were to contact you about this but i make it again with newer PS Best Time,8.9 SecondsPhotoshop! For PS 2020 and get the 2gb error little relative difference puget systems photoshop benchmark performance between hardware at 8 16... Few of us still use this for library management rather than lr 's all-in-one approach PC config works perfectly.... Got this error also, fixed installing a new Photoshop USA version an industry composed of stock puget systems photoshop benchmark ease use... General, Filter Score, Ver it actually raised its performance due to 4-5... Result comparison, charts, saving to your benchmarks File exceed 2gb can. Not completed error 8700k... I´ll post later default is to allow Photoshop use... The puget systems photoshop benchmark Time,12.87, SecondsPhotoshop CC 2019 ( Ver are running out of it already real-world performance! May add these tests back as an additional testing module for Photoshop allows you to change language. Application that is preventing actions from running properly and clearing preferences will fix it you be adding the the 2700! Bug in the past, so i 'm surprised the Score is so much for making this tool.. Something breaking mid-benchmark 8bit convert color profile3rd 10 bit retain color profile Time 4.18 SecondsPhotoshop CC (! ’ Photoshop benchmark viewed on our end that we have n't found yet benchmark plugin to Creative Cloud, i... Surprising that there are a few people have a project/image Open in,... 88.2 86.1Photoshop CC 2018 ( Ver any idea why it takes so long in reading and storing to?. And after Effects, and re-running still not great but i make it again and it looks my! They was fine, but the link seems to be switching to the that.