UiB's recent international student blogger has dedicated a whole post to Bergen living costs 2017/2018. Proof of the amount must be provided for visa applications submitted as of September 1st, 2019. Cost of Living in Germany for International Students. You can choose between public and private health insurance. International students are only permitted to work 120 days or 240 half days per year, which limits earnings and means you need to know how to save money as a student. To help you mak… How much does it cost to study in Germany? [CDATA[/* > The cost of living is considerably higher in Munich than it is in Berlin; those who move to Munich may have to be much more careful with their budget. Tuition is very low if a fee is charged at all. You’re in for a whirlwind adventure. Students do not have to pay tuition fees if they are studying in the public sector Universities of Germany.However, the amount of 300 euros is needed to be paid by the students as a semester contribution which will allow them to use German university facilities and public transport all year. Learn how to find cheap student accommodation here. Three-bedroom apartment: 943 to 1,258 (depending on location). A Bachelor’s degree at most of the state-run universities is tuition-free. Universities in some states are required to charge an additional administrative fee, which typically ranges from 50 to 75 euros. While watching you can improve your German language skills! Recently moved to a new country? Also make sure what the language requirements are and whether you will need an official qualification to prove your competency in German or the needed languages. Student Halls of Residences; A Hall of Residence or a Hostel is usually the most preferred mode of accommodation for first-year international students for many reasons. The costs of food, housing, clothing and cultural activities are slightly higher than the EU average. The landscapes and scenery are spectacular, the country has a rich history and the art and culture scene is vibrant and inspiring. International Students. Cappuccino – 2.63. It also makes it easier for students from abroad in terms of entrance requirements and helps to ensure that their previous education provided the tools needed to excel at a German university. Reducing costs of living in Germany: Tips for international students. The detailed chart regarding expenses at the various levels is described here. /*-->