I need someone to talk and laugh with...I think I'll give Bridget a call :) by BirdLover..SpoonDisliker December 19, 2010. A list of over 200 pretty and unique girl names. Share your experience with the name "Bridget": Compare Bridget's history as a girl's and boy's name. Famous Bridgets include actress Bridget Fonda, Brigitte Bardot and the protagonist in the novel Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding. This is the kind of 'Bridget' moment that not only shaped much of Fielding's life, but helped make her name. She will never let you down. When I'm listening to them, I don't feel like I've heard the lyrics a million times before. FInd the perfect, special name for your baby girl with this comprehensive list! It’s a very popular name in Ireland due to Saint Brigid of Kildare, founder of the Kildare monastery, patron saint of Ireland, also known as “Mary of the Gael”. This pretty much sums up what you’ll be seeing on this site. Bridget A Dispigno is listed as a Manager with Pretty Petals By Bridget LLC in Minnesota. I am a 20 something-year old, from Houston, Texas and I love books, cats, and photography. Do people often pronounce or spell it wrong? She’s sensitive and soft­spoken. Meaning has great message for a person, especially for a young girl. Finally, the Bridget Jones's Diary script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the movie based on the Helen Fielding book starring Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, etc. Records indicate that 86,532 girls in the United States have been named Bridget since 1880. Like her older br… The address on file for this person is 738 Oak Dr, Victoria, MN 55386 in Carver County. Pretty in pastel is this Bridget name logo. Brooke named their daughter Bridget, a combination of both Brooke and Ridge. Bridget is the second child of Eric Forrester and Brooke Logan. See more ideas about Bridget regan, Bridget, Actresses. Bridget Bartoll is on Facebook. Bridget is the Anglicized form of Brigid, an Irish-Gaelic name that was derived from the word, Oliver Cromwell's favourite daughter, wife of Major,General Henry Ireton, main character in Bridget Jones's Diary series, character in the The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, character in the YouTube series "Most Popular Girls in School", main character in "Goodbye Stranger" by Rebecca Stead, giraffe character in the animated film The Wild, character in American soap The Bold and the Beautiful, character in the video game series Guilty Gear, Irish mouse in animated film "An American Tail", character from the manga/anime "Freezing". I love to write, encourage others, read, and crochet a little in my spare time. Meaning. alt. © 2021 Nameberry.com.Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. 572 Followers, 60 Following, 11675 pins - See what Bridget A Arnold (bridgetarnold50) found on Pinterest, the home of the world's best ideas. Bridget Wu was a student at Rosewood High School. Bridget Cheyenne Duke is on Facebook. in the world. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! The name Bridget is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "strength or exalted one". Season 1 (1/22) Je Suis une Amie Je Suis une Amie After Caleb Rivers does Hanna Marin a favor by pulling the kill switch on Ella Montgomery's car, he asks her to repay him by posing as his friend in order to up his credibility among the rich kids in school. However, my availability will be pretty limited over the next few months because some pretty big … スポンサーリンク “pretty” という単語、誰でも知っていますよね。「かわいい」という意味で覚えている人が多いと思います。 でも実は、それ以外の意味で副詞として使われることも多いんで … She is the dishwasher and scullery maid to her mean-spirited boss, Chef. Flag. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. Lol my name is Bridget 2! Bridget is a beautiful name, the goddess connection is cool because she seems to be an amazing figure. Bridget Jones Diary (2001) “And don’t tell Bridget this, but I’m really scared.” 8 Simple Rules: Finale Part Un (2004) Famous people named Bridget or its variations 1. My name is Bridget. Voila! girl names that mean strong, brave, or powerful, Stylish Girl Names That End in Consonants, Names That Mean Strong, Brave or Powerful. You could argue that the UK government is led by a male 'Bridget… About Welcome! So ... how do we know this stuff? This data, including social security statistics, provides detailed information on baby name popularity and trends in the United States. See the popularity of the girl's name Bridget over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool. Lol I beleive it means strong powerful, pretty, nice, hyper,goddess of fire, potry, and wisdom its german, irish and a lil bit of french. Someone who is smart, funny, pretty, energetic and just an all around great person. A Bridget logo tha is sure to delight kids and adults alike. Derives from the Celtic word “brígh”, meaning “strength”, “vigour” or “virtue”. The name Bridget is a girl's name of Irish origin meaning "strength or exalted one". Bridget is a beautiful name, the goddess connection is cool because she seems to be an amazing figure. A wonderful person who you can always count on to be there for you. When Bridget meets Poppy and the Snack Pack, they hatch a plan to give Bridget the confidence she needs to act like a total babe, so she can catch the eye of th… Bridget Rooney Koch got into the spotlight because of being the baby mama of Kevin Costner’s son Liam. Bridget is a feminine name of Irish origin. Baby Names Hub identifies trends by analyzing vast amounts of data made available by the U.S. government and other public sources. 13, 2009: "I used to hate my name, but as I got older I learned to appreciate it especially because of it's meaning. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Anyways, my name is Bridget Kilgallon and if you are in need of a new website, e-commerce consulting, brand strategy, or packaging design I might be able to help you. In 1992, Brooke had slept with both Eric and Ridge around the time of Bridget's conception, leaving Brooke unknown who the biologically father was. Hello My Name Is... is actually a pretty good album. The songs have positive messages and are fairly original. Facebook gives people the power … Bridget is sweet, kind­-hearted Bergen in Bergen Town. Bridget is usually a pretty popular girl. Not surprisingly, given the influence of the Irish in America, Bridget has maintained a spot on the female naming charts since the government first began tracking this information back in 1880. Do you meet many others with the same name? Bridget can be sassy at times but when you get to know her, you … Despite the name and appearance, Bridget is actually male. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Circuit Court of Appeals judge and a Phoenix native, was among 20 names included by President Donald Trump this week on … "bridget is a pretty name i love it if mom my name me something differt name i see the name bridget i would cry" Mar. I am so glad you stopped by! My name is Bridget. Bridget … Bridget. It features a gorgeous bouquet of soft, soothing colors with a playful feel to the font. Join Facebook to connect with Bridget Bartoll and others you may know. She is described as "super rich" by Hanna. If this is your name, or the name of someone you know, tell us about your experiences with this name. Those people are now 47 years old. Bridgett, Bridgette, Brigette, Brigid, Brigitta, Brigitte Irish Gaelic, meaning ‘strength and power’. I was pleased to learn that Bridgit Bridget is a very prominent first name for females (#369 out of 4276, Top 9%) and also a very prominent surname for both adults and children (#61713 out of 150436, Top 41%). I enjoy going to the mountains to chase black bears with my husband. Bridget(ブリジエト, Burijieto) is a character in the Guilty Gear fighting game series. Join Facebook to connect with Bridget Cheyenne Duke and others you may know. Name was also borne by the patron saint of Ireland who established a convent at Kildare during the 5th century and Saint Bridget of Sweden, who founded an order of nuns in the 14th century. From the Irish name “Brighid” which means “noble”, “exalted”. After going into labor and, with Ridge's help, delivering the baby at the cabin in Big Bear, a paternity test confirmed that Ridge was the father. Through a song, we find out that Bridget has a secret crush on King Gristle Jr., but she lacks the confidence to speak out. Submissions subject to our Terms of Use. Meaning has great message for a person, especially for a young girl. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! The greatest number of people were given this name in 1973, when 2,760 people in the U.S. were given the name Bridget. Bridget First Name … Bridget is the Anglicized form of Brigid, an Irish-Gaelic name that was derived from the word brígh, which means “strength.”. What is the correct way to say this name? As their relationship was pretty short, the celebrity acknowledged the son only after having a paternity test. Jan 22, 2014 - Explore Hot Rocks's board "A Beautiful Woman Is.....Bridget Regan" on Pinterest. Bridget Bade, a 9th U.S. She may be very popular but she isn't always very polite. Minimum width and height is 100 pixels. He was born in a village in England where the birth of twins of the same gender was considered bad luck, and hence his family named and raised him as a girl. Create an account and you can create lists, keep track of favorites, and even be alerted when there is new content posted about a name.