Oil leaks can be messy and they can be annoying. The main gaskets that end up leaking are the oil pan gasket, valve cover gasket, crankcase gasket, and cylinder head gasket. Thread starter SamWalker1; Start date May 13, 2019; S. SamWalker1. What will happen if I continue to ride my motorcycle with an oil leak? The Surprising Truth. This requires that the top part of your engine is taken apart which will expose the pistons and other vital parts of the engine that an inexperienced owner should not be handling. Regular oil changes will prevent that from happening. Someone posted awhile back they had a leak where the wire for the rectifier goes through the case Yep, the rubber plug/seal where the stator harness exits the primary, next to the oil filter, was leaking. Well, the sump plug needed a full half turn, and the gear-box drain and level plugs also needed a little tightening. Remove the center part of the plug and set aside. Remove any debris or metal salt from the drain plug magnet. Is It Hard To Ride A Motorcycle? There are a lot of fancy tools out there that mechanics use to help them quickly identify the exact location of oil leaks. It … Doing anything wrong in a fix like this could ultimately blow your engine. Humans are designed to overcome challenges, adapt to our surroundings, and learn new skills to improve our quality of life. - On gearbox drain plugs I like to install a nylon flat washer generally available at good hardware stores. It is inevitable for gaskets to, at some point, shrink and crack and become less effective at their job. hey guys. A coolant leak can also be caused by punctured fins in the radiator, a weeping water pump, and pressure on the radiator cap from an overheating engine. PNW Riders is a motorcycle rider enthusiast community for all types of riders in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and the surrounding areas. When you finally found the oil puddle after letting the bike sit, was there evidence of leakage at the drain plug? There are several reasons a motorcycle will leak coolant including faulty hoses and clamps connecting the radiator and the engine as well as a faulty drain plug that has broken or become loose. Your right that the self tapping plugs are bad business bacause they can cut too many grooves after a while and be useless, but this drain plug I have has a threads throught the center of the plug in which another plug is secured. There is an engine oil leak from my 160 cc motorcycle. If you don’t know where the leak is coming from, first try placing a piece of cardboard directly underneath your motorcycle. Nylon is also a good coice here too. To make a long story short, it's been sitting in various garages and sheds for a lot of it's life, and I … Side crankcase plugs and valve cover plugs can also be a source of leaks on your Harley motorcycle. weasel5000 Guest. The oil drain plug is an obvious culprit to oil leaks. The great part about this process is that you can repair a leaky drain plug and get an oil change without any additional labor! ). Here is My Experience, link to Does A Motorcycle Alarm Drain The Battery? If your project is incomplete without Motorcycle Oil Pans, Dipsticks & Drain Plugs , look no further. But these alarms are all aftermarket and have to splice into your existing... My name is Kyle Cannon and I love everything about motorcycles. I’ll use the picture above as a better visual reference. Oil Drain Plug. Unlock additional features, and fewer ads while browsing. It’s embarrassing parking a leaking motorcycle in a public place only to find that there’s a nice little puddle underneath it. Gas leaks from a motorcycle usually because a hose isn’t on tight, a gasket is worn, or a nut isn’t tight enough. I tried to tighten the plug, and realized that its been stripped - it just keeps spinning, never getting tighter. The oil drain plug is a threaded bolt that’s commonly made from aluminum. You’ll need to find the replacement drain plugs either at an auto parts store or online. If that still doesn’t help you track down where the leak is coming from, try using the paper towel method. Remove the filler cap to the motor and duct tape or have someone hold the hose over the fill hole and then you can take the plug out and not lose a drop. Sometimes there are small signs of the beginning of an oil leak. I mean, you probably got your motorcycle for this very reason. So I picked up a new bike today. Inspecting it right after a long ride will get you to notice those leaks and address them much sooner than you would with the later obvious signs. Does A Motorcycle Alarm Drain The Battery? I hope you don’t feel doomed that you will forever have to deal with oil leaks and be constantly fixing them on your motorcycle while you own it. I’m currently working as a mechanical engineer and I’ve been able to restore over a dozen rides. How to fix a leaking oil drain plug in your car, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. Oil filter: The seal on your oil filter can also start to leak if your oil filter comes loose or if the seal starts to crack or break down, allowing oil to escape. I have a KTM 450 EXC 2004 model. There maybe a bit of debri (dirt) under the washer. Luckily, most oil leak issues can be fixed by anyone who is willing to learn that have a few basic tools.