CPC Module 4 Practical. Driver CPC Module 4 is a practical test, however there is no driving involved. Initial Driver CPC is taken in two parts: Case Study Theory Test (Module 2) Practical Demonstration Test (Module 4) click here for CPC Periodic Training 98.6% of learners pass CPC Module 4 with us (as at 5th april 2018) Module 4 CPC Yard Shunter FLT. You will be required to read these case studies after which you will be asked 50 questions. By the end of the 5 years you will then be subject to CPC training of 35 hours formal training every 5 years. You will need to undertake formal training and provide a suitable vehicle for the test. With the use of the new training cages, you are expected to demonstrate your ability to safely secure loads to a vehicle. CPC Module 4 – Emergency Situations. Guidance for driving examiners on the Driver CPC module 4 practical safety demonstration test. CPC Module 1 – Drivers Hours (EU & Domestic), Road Transport Working Time Regs (RTWTR) 2005, Analogue and Digital Tachographs. CPC Module 4 Training. Module 2. Our Driver CPC courses are designed and written by our Training Manager and are all JAUPT approved. For this reason CPC.IE will continue to run all courses as detailed in our schedule. Module 4 CPC courses are also provided for those who wish to work in the transport industry. Periodic training, 35 hours of training every 5 years must be attended by all professional drivers. We can also provide theory tuition to prepare you for this test; purchase the most up to date study book from our office; You must pass Module 2 before you can begin your training for Module 4. We here at 1st Class Solutions can offer Module 4 Driver CPC courses at our our Goole Yorkshire ( Jct 36 M62 ) DVSA Approved Test Centre. Periodical CPC In Association with Milestone Driver Training we also provide periodical CPC. LCD DRIVING ACADEMY is the only company in Ireland that purchased a load demonstrator as officially used by the DSA/DVA. Driver CPC Training. – Module 4: Driver CPC Practical Test. CPC Training Modules A Drivers Day This 3.5 hour Driver CPC module refreshes your knowledge on how to approach your day, starting with preparing your body and mind prior to commencing your work, and what you ought to know throughout your day covering topics such as basic EU Drivers hours, Tachograph procedures, basic site safety rules and accident procedures. On the day, you will have 1 and ½ hour training prior to the test. CPC Module 4. Module 4. The course is 3 hours long and this consists of 2 1/2 hours training and 1/2 test with a DVSA examiner. CPC driver training with Module 2 and Module 4 Mod 2 CPC. Driver CPC Initial qualification, for just £275 we offer a module 2 training, Module 2 test, Module 4 training and Module 4 test, Module: Description: Training Documents: Module 1: Control of the vehicle and eco-driving techniques: This Module deals with characteristics of the transmission system, effective use of safety controls on busses and trucks and optimization of fuel consumption. Driver CPC module 4 practical safety demonstration test. Once you have passed the module 4 exam, you will awarded a Driver CPC qualification card (DCPCQC) which is valid for 5 years. CPC Module 4 Rochdale CPC Module 4 Training & Tests in Rochdale. The examiner will ask you five questions around a static vehicle, to which you must explain and demonstrate your answer. Module 4 is the practical demonstration knowledge exam: the test fee for this is currently £55.00 (Monday to Friday). DRIVERS CPC for Professional LGV and PCV Drivers Periodic Training Requirement BUS. To complete a Module 4 test, a Module 2 test must’ve first been passed. LGV tests will also see the introduction of a new piece of equipment that will allow you to demonstrate your ability to secure loads; this is called the load demonstration trolley. To work as a professional goods vehicle driver you need a Driver Qualification Card . This will give you your initial 5 years CPC after which you will need to take 35 hours of periodical CPC every 5 … The steps of the process for Module 2 include: book your Module 2 LGV Case Study test – if required we can book this on your behalf. Questions will relate to safety, security, prevention of illegal activity, emergency situations and defect reporting, such as: The Driver CPC module 4 practical safety demonstration test is conducted in accordance with the provisions of EU Directive 2003/59/EC, The Vehicle Drivers (Certificates of Professional Competence) Regulations 2007 and The Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) Regulations. Module 4 CPC Training. Module two of the CPC consist of a theory test made up of 6 to 8 case studies based on real-life situations. 10. If you are looking to get your CPC straight after you pass you will need to keep your driving licence and send it off after you have passed your CPC. You will need to carry this card every time you want to drive for financial gain or you could face a fine of up to £1000. Once you have passed this you will be issued your CPC Card. Overview Counterbalance Courses Reach Courses Course Types Onsite ... Online Driver CPC training only £49 all in, running 7 days a week. Not holding or carrying the card when at work will result in a fine. A client will be more at ease when asked to demonstrate with a load demonstrator if it's exactly the same as they have trained with. Most companies will provide the Module 4 training in the morning and arrange your practical test in the afternoon. Module 4 is the practical demonstration part of the qualification where all non driving aspects are tested. This is to test your practical knowledge on loading, vehicle safety & security. The CPC Module 4 test is the very last thing to do after you have completed all other training. Training & Test: £175 * You must have passed the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) part 2 test before you can book the driver CPC part 4 test. Module 4. For first time holders or newly qualified drivers, we help with Module 2 Case Study Theory & Module 4 Practical Demonstration test to prepare for work as a vocational driver. Must pass the CPC Module 2 before taking the Module 4; Must pass the Module 4 in order to receive a Driver CPC qualification card; The qualification card will expire in five years; To renew your qualification card you will need an additional five days of Driver CPC periodic training over the course of five years The examiner will ask you five questions around a static vehicle, to which you must explain and demonstrate your answer. Contact DVSA to get details about what information you need to provide to apply. Resumed covid-19 safe LGV Driver training, FLT, HIAB & ADR courses. For more information on what to expect for Module 4 just visit YouTube and type in ‘Driver CPC Module 4’. pass the DVSA Driver CPC part 4 assessor’s training course; Apply for approval. Questions will relate to safety, security, prevention of illegal activity, emergency situations and defect reporting, such as: MODULE 2 (CPC CASE STUDY THEORY TEST) This module can be revised from our online revision which can be accessed once you book your Module 2. You can only do the Module 4 training once you have passed your C1 or your C licence. We ensure the training delivered is varied, interesting and is very relevant to the Transport industry and its day to day commercial demands. CPC Module 3 – Fuel Efficient and Safe Driving. Module 4 is a practical test that demonstrates your ability to keep the vehicle safe and secure while also ensuring your own personal safety. Driver CPC Module 4 is a practical test, however there is no driving involved. Module 4 EP Training has created a 40 minute video that goes through all the Module 4 questions and answers. * This is a practical demonstration test therefore it is important to demonstrate your … Module 4 – Driver CPC practical demonstration test We provide the practical training and guidance on this practical element of the CPC test process. To pass this section you will need to answer 40 of the 50 questions correctly. COVID UPDATE - Professional Bus & Truck drivers are ESSENTIAL FRONT LINE WORKERS keeping shops supplied, schools & colleges open & transporting other front line staff & workers. Module 4 training is designed to teach you what you can expect to find in the real world. Practice questions are provided upon purchase. When to take Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) periodic training if you're a lorry, bus or coach driver, how to find courses, and what happens if you miss your deadline. Driver CPC Courses. How to become a qualified lorry or bus driver and get the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) to drive heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) or passenger carrying vehicles (PCVs). Initial Driver CPC Module 2&4. CPC Modules 2 & 4 Training in Northampton. PCV drivers – from 10th September 2008 all commercial PCV drivers will need to complete 35 hours of training before 9th September 2013*. The Driver CPC Module 4 Practical Safety Demonstration Test . This site offers details of how to optain certification as a driver cpc and or transport manageer cpc where this stands for the Irish … In order to keep doing this these drivers must attend one educational course per year. Inital Driver CPC. Module 4 CPC; Yard Shunter; Module 4 training and tests are conducted at our centre in Manchester, M40 7FS. The test itself consists of 5 topic areas, to pass you need to score 15 out of a possible 20 points in each topic area (75%) but achieve an overall score of 80% CPC driver and transport manager courses in Offaly, Kerry, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Roscommon, Clare, Laois, Waterford and all other counties. Delegated driving examiner team. Module 4 Driver Cpc. CPC Module 2 – Safe Loading of Vehicles, Speed Limits, Pre-shift Safety Walk Round Check. This course includes the Driver CPC Initial Qualification Module 2 and 4 tests which when passed you’ll be issued with Driver Qualification Card from the DVLA valid for 5 years.
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