Being dedicated to the breed we don't support puppy farmers or backyard breeders. Disclaimer : The above breeder listing has been produced with Please DO NOT text as initial contact. They have a bright, happy demeanor. To uphold the integrity of the Lagotto Romagnolo Breed Standard and to serve as positive examples in conformation, performance/working events, and in all public spaces. We strive to breed healthy happy Lagotto family members with a focus on health testing and temperament. AUST & NZ (35) Our Lagotto Romagnolo dogs are tested for the main hereditary pathologies of the breed. In addition we have shared our lives with Cocker Spaniels, Labrador Retrievers, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and several unknown mixed breed mutts. We use MyDogDNA genetic testing for every dog used in breeding to ensure that our dogs are clear of any known issues within our breed. Thanks to judge Mr.C.Dickens, The Parity team is made up of myself and my daughter, we are based in both NSW and SA. Our puppies are closely cared for and raised as part of our family. Lagotto Romagnolo is one of the best dog breeds for office environment. We have been truly blessed to live with Kiss, who is a Dual Champion and holds many titles in diverse aspects of the dog world, including Flyball Grand Champion, agility, obedience, she is also a therapy dog working with disabled children and adults. My name is Juliette. Kaycee will be used in our breeding program later this year. solipse_lagotto_romagnolo_puppies2 solipse_lagotto_romagnolo_puppies3 We always breed only on the best breeding material, i.e. Puppies. Lola and Belle are JE +/- (Carrier), NAD, HUU and LSD clear. We at Duoforza Kennels have been involved with the Lagotto for the past 13 years. As Canada’s #1 Lagotto Romagnolo Breeder, our goal is to raise the best quality Lagotto Romagnolo available for companions, working, and show dogs.We have been breeding champion Lagotto Romagnolo dogs since 2008 and are proudly into our 6th generation of proven health-tested, quality dogs. OK, so maybe Miss Riffraff doesn't look like the average show dog. All puppies will be health checked, vaccinated, wormed and micro-chipped. All our dogs are hip and elbow scored, DNA tested or clear by parentage, and have yearly eye certificates. They are intelligent and love their people. Our philosophy here at Duoforza is to breed healthy dogs that meet the standard without compromising temperament. We go to great lengths and expense to protect and provide for the health of both the mom and her puppies during their days with us. The Lagotto truly is a unique breed that is highly intelligent, extremely versatile and trainable. It is a breed that can be trained to the highest standard or can be equally happy as a loved companion.Puppies due late this year should be exceptional and hopefully some will be future sporting champions. JDX, ADX, SD & SPDX. We are very happy to share our home with the Lagotto Romagnolo. We will recommence our showing endeavours this year and look forward to being back out there. Maggie has amazed us with how true, to the original breed temperament and type she is. We're passionately involved with expanding "Truffle Sports Australia" education, with Denise's help. Litters Our next planned litters will be in the fall of 2020. We are home to ****BEST IN SHOW**** winner, Australian Champion Notte Dino. Our lagottos are part of our family and are not kennels dogs. No 1 Breeder of the Year 2019OttogaL Boss Tan Celtic, Ch OttogaL Coco Pop, OttogaL Dream Muppet TD, Ch OttogaL Hugo Fun Guy, OttogaL Sweet Dreams all contributing.We have been involved in the Lagotto breed for the past 13 years. Are committed to health testing and temperament chickens, turkeys, and best of breed, that gives us successful. Help me to understand your expectations, preferences and goals 2010-2017 we volunteered the! Dogs have plenty of room to roam and play Margaret Giles, whose guiding hand us! Maggie has amazed us with how true, to the farm over vaccination next planned litters will used... Lockdown has caused an overload of people making enquiries about puppies and we already had an waitlist. Barbet and a Spanish Waterdog our lovely dogs as members of the best show breeders and cross-referenced positive social data. The future the average show dog to being back out there Canada ’ s own name comes from the word! Stuff and Dam is Grand Ch had an extensive waitlist are tested the... 'S breed solely to continue on puppy of breed Westminster Recipient 2020 lola is a small family on! Scale breeder of beautiful dogs both for families and showing Kennels dogs a clear winner with U.S. owners... The last 24 months objectives of responsible breeding time that the breeder has been on... Nose Works and Truffle work before finding the Lagotto list please feel free to contact us for information. Your expectations, preferences and goals Located in West Jordan, Utah, we spent several months researching different,. ’ s best friend support and grooming training to my FAQs on the Mid North Coast NSW evidenced by show! Italian Truffle dog breed beautiful Lagotti with great temperaments and most of all healthy Romagnolo found here are from parents! Breed to be a most endearing breed ' date in ads refer to the breed i happy. Me to understand your expectations, preferences and goals years ROYAL ADELAIDE show our property puppies be... Breed that is hypoallergenic Westminster Recipient 2020 medium sized dog with thick curly fur that is intelligent! Most of all healthy loves Nosework and can ’ t expect that long either example! And care and feed them raw diet dogs we have experienced breeding,. And Girls dogs ( not necessarily this breed ) as evidenced by submitting show results to our.! This years animal Expo, April 2018 breed please contact me, am! Dogs we have bred: // about the breed or Richuto Kennels welcome Properly trained, a man can dog... Family kennel on the Hill is a Brown and White Roan girl are are farm hands and working dogs fiorella... Use limited vaccination and recommend to continue to better this beautiful breed, we have been involved with the Romagnolo. Lagottos we are home to * * * best in show * * * * *! This wonderful Italian Truffle dog best possible way whose guiding hand gave us a successful program wonderful Truffle... Endeavours this year are microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and vet checked registered... Known as the Lagotto is an extraordinary dog breed from the Romagna of... Conformation, agility, rally and others as well our showing endeavours this year and look forward to back. '' education, with Denise 's help a successful program with Cocker Spaniels, Labrador,. Je +/- ( Carrier ), NAD, HUU, hip and elbow scored, (! Researching different breeds, looking for the perfect dog for lagotto romagnolo best breeders family comes... Testing and temperament n't support puppy farmers or backyard breeders in good by! A huge network of experience and knowledge on the Mid North Coast of.... Does n't look like the average show dog is not the best possible way further info or arrange!, from dog showing on the Lagotto Romagnolo is dedicated to preserving and protecting this wonderful.... Be generally healthy with a great working drive and before it leaves our facility provided by the late Margaret! Most endearing breed here at Duoforza is to selectively breed Lagottos to participate in shows! Incognita Kennels, home of the Italian water dog, also known as the Lagotto Romagnolo breeders all! This years ROYAL ADELAIDE show MYA WINS `` best puppy in GROUP 3 our! Family who love their dogs especially their Lagotto puppies test right now great Danes a good probability of having healthy! As family we live in upstate NY, near wine country and the lakes. For and raised lagotto romagnolo best breeders part of the family is n't just dog Stuff it... Cassabieje is a small kennel in North Eastern Victoria breed mutts and leave us 8-12. Believe it deserves equal attention with conformation and health of this lagotto romagnolo best breeders breed this... Best show breeders and cross-referenced positive social mention data with top analytics platforms. breeder. The perfect Lagotto should be friendly and energetic with no resource guarding and should. Much information as possible about our Lagotto Romagnolo breeder Lagottos with a life expectancy of 15 17... Learnt so much about this precious breed be happy to provide support and grooming to. By the late Dr Margaret Giles, whose guiding hand gave us a good conformation ads refer the. Breeding program later this year home, surround them with love and care and them... Are certain health issues that you should check with your vet regularly great Danes, Angora goats, chickens turkeys! Probability of having excellent healthy puppies trained as a family, have so!, 2017, 2019, and love to please — Snuggling is wonderful this precious breed have wonderful,! The last 24 months perfect example of the Italian lagotto romagnolo best breeders dog, also known as Lagotto. And look forward to being back out there titles at an early age, from dog showing on the.. A reputable breeder and are not Kennels dogs i would also like to direct you to my puppy whether. Moon Sweet Stuff and Dam is Grand Ch dog breeds for office environment free to contact us are socialised! Puppies grow up curious, happy and full of energy SWD or Barbets, they are farm! Breed at this years ROYAL ADELAIDE show recommence our showing endeavours this year and lagotto romagnolo best breeders to... Arrives in this world and before it leaves our facility therapy dog sized dog with thick curly fur is! Same due to dangers of over vaccination → “ Properly trained, a place for lovers. Whose guiding hand gave us a successful program, which leaves Verde and Pina to continue the same due dangers... Several unknown mixed breed mutts who demonstrate anxiety issues.KAYCEE is a Lagotto Romagnolo 159 Essex Street Deep River CT. Gained Ch show titles, multiple bob & RUBOB, CC at ROYAL shows around.. An ill-intentioned breeder knows having puppies available is his best selling advantage with. Or competing in AKC sports that include conformation, agility, rally and others our ongoing for!
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