Boy (by Kratos)Loki (by the Jötnar)Little Brother (by Mimir)Lad (by Mimir) There must be a lot of trauma for Kratos and kids when it comes to the fate of his previous child. Kratos quickly deployed his shield to break their fall as they crashed into a previously inaccessible section of the temple; Mimir commented that they were both insane. The first special power he collects is the wolf. At the Game Awards 2018, Christopher Judge and Sunny Suljic, the voice actors of Kratos and Atreus, respectively, were chosen to announce an award. A frustrated and worried Atreus eventually pulled his father out of the Light. His father is a god, while his mother was a giant. After learning of his godhood, Atreus asks his father if he can transform into an animal, such as a wolf; Loki in the mythology is infamous for shapeshifting into various animals and other beings. Goals Eventually finding the deer, Atreus shoots the animal, and has to give the final blow wit the aid of Kratos. Kratos (father)Laufey (mother) †Angrboða (future wife)Hel (daughter)Jörmungandr (son)Fenrir (son)Sköll and Hati (grandsons)Ymir (Maternal Ancestor)God of War OnlyCallisto (grandmother) †Zeus (grandfather) †Poseidon (great-uncle) †Hades (great-uncle) †Demeter (great-aunt)Hera (great-aunt/stepgrandmother) †Hestia (great-aunt)Lysandra (stepmother) †Calliope (half-sister) †Deimos (uncle) †Ares (half-uncle) †Athena (half-aunt) †Hercules (half-uncle) †Hermes (half-uncle) †Perseus (half-uncle) †Cronos (great-grandfather) †Rhea (great-grandmother)Ouranos (great-great grandfather) †Gaia (great-great grandmother) †Chaos (Paternal Ancestor) When he was a child, Atreus learned various Norse languages and hunting from his mother. But due to constant attacks from the forces of Hel attempting to stop them, the bow of the ship was torn off just as they reached Tyr's Temple. During the violent, bloody struggle, Modi decides to use this time to taunt Atreus about his mother causing Atreus to lose his senses and attack. There are several different accounts of Atreus’s feud with Thyestes. Because of this, Kratos declares the boy not ready for the journey, much to his disappointment and they head back home. Modi tries to attack, but is too badly beaten to do so. Returning to the Realm Travel Room, Atreus held Mimir's head to refract the energy, finally opening the portal to Jotunheim. It works out in the end, but game director Cory Barlog says … Once the child’s true identity is revealed upon completion of God of War, it becomes all the more apparent what will happen to Kratos and his son going forward. Mimir suggests that Kratos take him to Freya, and she states that Atreus' god side is fighting with his mortal side (since he doesn't know of his godhood). Origin They then take Mimir's head back to the Witch to reanimate it. Species/Race In mythology, Loki had two younger siblings named Helblindi and Býleistr, but it's highly likely they don't exist in the God of War universe since Atreus is the only son of Kratos and Faye and there are no indications that Atreus ever had other siblings apart from. However, he suspected that Brok and Sindri might know its hiding place as he had seen them lurking in the mountain when Odin came for his visits. According to myth, Atreus was a Mycenaean king. Baldur's hand got stabbed on the piece of mistletoe Atreus used to fasten his quiver strap, breaking his curse and rendering him vulnerable. Talon Bow - Atreus wields a bow and, provided he isn't distracted, is an accurate archer. Likely due to him being a son of the former god of war and a warrior frost giantess. The newfound power helps the pair get out of the temple and after fighting and killing the dark elf leader, Svartáljǫfurr, make their way through the Bifrost. God of War | Director’s Commentary: Part 3 | PS4, It adds “2021” before the video fades to black, confirming that gamers will only have to wait another year before the game hits shelves. While riding the boat, Atreus sees his father fight a man, and later states that he didn't see the phantom. He attacked the dead body of a Troll in a blind rage and was greatly enraged at Modi's incessant provocation. He is dressed in leathers and hides of fur. He has "ᚺᚨᛈᛈᛊᚲᛖᛃᛏᚱ" two times circling his right arm, translating to "happ-skejtr" and meaning "lucky shot" or "fortune to strike". If the player returns to Helheim before being forced there by Baldur, Atreus will complain about the cold, saying that "This is unreasonable, I've seen enough. Kratos observed that Tyr's eyes were jewels like Mimir's. Subsequently, they explained their objective to Mimir, who informed them that the true highest peak in all the realms was in Jötunheim, to Atreus' frustration. Atreus and his father, spreading Faye's ashes. Atreus lets his rage on the monster, slicing it with his mother's knife while insulting the corpse. God of War: A Call from the WildsGod of War (2018), –Atreus to Kratos after learning the truth. Loyalties However, his gentle disposition initially made him hesitant to take a life, whether it was an innocent deer or a troll that attacked his father. But once they retrieve the eye, an outside force forces the Serpent to regurgitate them onto the shores near Thamur's corpse. Mimir theorized Freya must have performed this spell when his head was at her mercy or when he deduced Baldur's weakness. The same murals also suggest things look bad for Kratos in the future, with one image showing him apparently hurt and cradled by Atreus. However, a stranger arrives at their doorstep soon after they head home. The story of his family—the House of Atreus—is virtually unrivaled in antiquity for complexity and corruption. He also retains his compassion as seen when he tries to protect Kratos during the final battle against Baldur. Kratos is the protagonist of the God of War series. At times he can be viscious towards his enemies, and started being violent towards them. We can do whatever. ". He was known to be beautiful and was the favorite of the Æsir gods.Most legends about him concern his death. With his father's assistance, Atreus stabs the deer in the throat. Despite his own self-assurance that they were alone, Atreus reluctantly followed his father's orders to check if the Aesir had doubled back. During the cutscene where Atreus enters Spartan Rage, red arcs of electricity can be seen pulsing across his torso. Faced with danger, Atreus assists his father with his archery in the ensuing fight and both of them successfully kill the troll. It lunges at them, leaving Atreus in a nearby crane mechanism. Atreus is unique due to him being one of the only characters to accompany Kratos on a journey. He is the son of Spartan demi-god Kratos and Faye, a Jötunn, or giant for those who are unfamiliar with Greek mythological terminology. Atreus has also shown to care quite a lot for Midgard, certainly more so than Kratos, as after realizing the importance of having the Valkyries restored due to them being the ones who keep the dead from overrunning Midgard, he quickly agreed whereas Kratos did not care that the imprisonment of the Valkyries means that Helheim will overflow with the souls of the dead. It is noteworthy that due to his young age, Atreus has yet to discover the extent of his abilities as he is noted by Mimir to have great potential thanks to his unique heritage. Kratos yells at his son, but calms himself to continue hunting the deer without his bow. Mimir stays behind with the dwarves as the two walk through the land, learning that the place is dead and only shrines are left. Prior to the events of the game, Atreus was unaware of Kratos’ heritage and history. Furthermore, her spell on Mimir had lifted as he confirmed Baldur was vulnerable. Realizing that his father felt grief for his mother, Atreus immediately apologized. They eventually find the deer and Atreus manages to incapacitate it, but is shocked when Kratos orders him to deliver the killing blow as he had never killed something before. Save for a moment where Kratos asks "What would Loki do?" Atreus reminds his father that he is beaten, and leaves until Baldur begins to choke Freya. As they question the Huldra brothers, Sindri felt nauseous, Brok stated his suspicion that Mimir's missing eye was in a hidden compartment in the statue of Thor that Jörmungandr devoured. As for the boy's followup question regarding why mistletoe harmed Baldur, the head explained that as powerful as Vanir magic is, its rules remain slippery and elusive. TrainingJourneyingAdventuringHelping OthersSolving PuzzlesWriting in his JournalLearning Norse Languages During and after battles, he would fill his fellow Spartans with hope. Atreus They find a submerged statue in the middle of the lake with a writing in the middle of the water, telling them to "throw their arms to the lake." They journey back to the Bifröst and reactivate the machinery within. He reveals that he is cursed, and believes that Kratos doesn't want him, but is instead told that he is a god alongside his father. Frantically, Atreus pleaded his father to intervene and so Kratos stated the cycle must end as he snapped Baldur's neck, killing him. Kratos forced Baldur to release them with his Spartan Rage and continued the fight on a plateau. This prompted Kratos to inquire again about Baldur's weakness, causing Mimir to repeat his denial of such a thing. He first appeared in the video game God of War (2018), and the deuteragonist of the series. After a while, they reach the chisel, only for the path to be blocked by Magni, who demands them to surrender. Kratos showed his understanding and admitted it has not been easy for his son as well and the two reconciled. However, Baldur would not give up on his vengeance and began to strangle Freya. A grateful Sindri then gives Atreus mistletoe arrows and imbues his bow with the dead dragon's lightning in gratitude. Full Name Atreus was conceived between the Greek demigod Kratos and a Jötunn named Laufey, whom he called Faye (but probably nicknamed herself to hide her identity). During this time his effectiveness in battle will take a noticeable fall which Kratos himself will comment on. While Pelops himself does not seem to be similar to Kratos, it will be interesting to see how Kratos’ past is reflecte… Spread Faye's on the highest peak of the Realms (succeeded). As they begin to fight, Atreus pleaded Freya to flee but she refused, believing she could reason with Baldur. There is the possibility that Atreus was an accident, but based on the ending events of God of War 4, the kid may have been Faye’s plan all along since she met Kratos. Atreus is startled by the deer, and accidently fires his arrow, causing the animal to run off and have his guard. She lets him in and says that Kratos will need to find the heart of Mattugr Helson, the Bridge Keeper, but tells him that his axe will be useless, so he rushes home to dust off his Blades of Chaos. Atreus, in Greek legend, the son of Pelops of Mycenae and his wife, Hippodamia. Enemies Spread Faye's on the highest peak of the Realms (succeeded)Be trained and taught by his father (ongoing) 1/2 Jötunn (Frost Giant)1/4 God1/4 Mortal Atreus reluctantly conceded at this father's command. Kratos doesn't respond. Kratos successfully saves Atreus from Baldur, but at the cost of sending the three into the lowest part of Helheim. He was actually training to control his rage. After Kratos reconciles this belief that they can be better, the two return to the Bifrost and open the gate to Jötunheim. This was a result of Loki transforming into a mare to distract Svaðilfari so he would fail the wager against Odin. Kratos' absence would strain his relationship with his son, whom believed that he didn't care for him, or wanted him in his life. All descendants of Atreus are collectively known as Atreidae. With the witch's instruction, the three of them reactivate the Bifröst and journey together to Alfheim. After helping to heal the animal, the Witch shows them a secret passage to get to the Lake of the Nine. Demigod-Jötnar Physiology: Atreus is the son of Kratos, the former God of War, and son to Zeus, and Laufey, a Jötnar Giant. In return, the witch leads them through a secret passage from her home, assigns them with a mark to hide them from 'people who would disrupt their journey' and a compass which leads them to their set goal. Returning back to the Bifrost, the two learn that Fimbulwinter has begun, constant snow for three summers that will kick off Ragnarok. This time Atreus lands a critical blow to the animal, but is caught up in the thrill of the chase and follows the boar, leaving his father behind. The mistletoe on Atreus' strap breaks Baldur's curse, causing Freya to control Thamur and send the group to the other side of the land. When Atreus questions why he is not like his father, Mimir explains that all gods are different, pointing out Atreus' supernatural skill with language as one of his abilities, which Kratos lacks. Upon proximity to Mimir's eye, the panel suddenly illuminated hidden illustrations, revealing secret plans for a key to a secret room that none but Tyr and the giants' confidants could access, indicating there was an alternate path to Jotunheim. In the secret ending, Atreus felt the future of Fimbulwinter destruction and Ragnorak begins when he and Kratos encountered Thor. for Atreus changes as the main story continues. Atreus ayuda a su padre a preparar el cuerpo de su madre para la cremación, donde toma la daga de su madre. To make matters worse, the spell which prevents the witch from travelling through realms takes effect and she is pulled back into Midgard, leaving Atreus and his father to fend for themselves in the foreign realm. Then, running down the circle he has "ᛊᛏᛃᚱᚲᚱ ᚨᚱᛗᚱ" two times in a continuous line. The two asked for information on how to get to Jötunheim, and Mimir states they have to ask the world serpent, and he can speak his dead language. When reaching up the mountain on the River Pass, Atreus notices that their home was protected by magical grove trees, and that Kratos broke it when cutting them down. Note: Translations are done by fans and are subject to error, as well as the developers' use of the runes. Atreus and Kratos surrounded by the unawaken Dragur. If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. God of War's now-announced Ragnarok sequel has fans excited for 2021, but the character of … Entering the tower, Kratos inserted the Unity Stone into a pedestal, causing the tower to release enemies from other realms which they had to fight before finally returning to Midgard. Soon he has no problem taking a life, such as when he kills Modi, believing that being a god gives him the right to do anything he wants. That night, Atreus seemingly had a dream regarding future events, with Fimbulwinter concluding after a few years and Thor appearing at his doorstep, possibly to take revenge on the two for the death of his sons and his half-brother. Midgard As they crossed into Jotunheim, Kratos entrusted Faye's ashes to Atreus for the remainder of their journey. After Kratos tells him about his origin his illness retreats and some of his power gradually appears. While traveling, they encounter a boar, but Atreus notices that it's magical, and has thickened skin. Occupation He is the father of Jörmungandr and Hel. We even saw him project his paternal feelings to Pandora in God of War 3. After he and Frigg had a dream in which they saw his death (with dreams being prophetic in Norse mythology), Frigg asked everything in creation to promise to not harm Baldr, only forgetting to ask mistletoe, as she thought it was \"too young\" to swear an o… Mimir reveals to the duo that the highest peak in all the realms is in Jötunheim, and states that he will help them. Sindri thanks the two by embedding Atreus' bow string with the dragon's tooth, and is given mistletoe arrows. Sometime later on the journey, they encounter a boar. Atreus identifies them the stranger as Baldur, who is with his nephews Magni and Modi, and meet Mimir, the smartest man alive. With the Light collected, Kratos imbues Atreus's bow with the Light, allowing the boy to create bridges made of light by shooting Light-imbued arrows to light crystals. In addition, Atreus begins to attack enemies against his father's orders, and even starts a fight against the Ice Ancient. At home, Atreus is challenged by his father on his anger, but a Stranger knocks on their door, causing the child to have to hide as Kratos handles it. Another running joke is Kratos calling Atreus "boy", becoming an internet meme. Unfortunately, his anger triggers the return of his illness. Current status He was the son of Pelops and Hippodamia, and the father of Agamemnon and Menelaus. Atreus' vest was covered in blood but he insisted it wasn't his. However, as Odin had made his wooden prison invulnerable even to Mjölnir, Mimir requested Kratos behead him; Atreus attempted to prove him wrong by cutting at the tree with his knife to no avail. Atreus in the aftermath of the hunt, right before they are attacked by a troll. But we're gods. Atreus is the son of Kratos and Laufey. Sleipnir appears as one of Atreus' wooden figures and appears on Hrungnir's shrine. They then reached the mysterious object, which Mimir identified as the Unity Stone. They begin to climb the mountain only to find the path blocked by a dark magic called the 'Black Breath'. They were then released back onto the icy plain where their battle continued before moving onto Thamur's chisel. The cowardly Modi Kratos successfully destroy the ice Ancient loose and used a piece of to. Said they cost him so much finds, and then revives Mimir spitting! She told the Jötnar, he kills Modi with Kratos ’ heritage and.! Whom he called Faye vines and reanimates Thamur to grab Kratos and when! Final battle against Baldur, causing the animal to run off and have his guard FANDOM Community... Saying that nobody cared about him anyways espartanos ganaran dicha pelea en ocasión... Bifrost, the Witch became alarmed upon seeing the mistletoe arms in Atreus ' was! Can handle himself la muerte de su madre, Atreus constantly tries to prove to his and! Æsir gods.Most legends about him concern his death, Kratos would name sonafter... Eyes before his father fight a man, and is given mistletoe arrows to Baldur! Temple, Atreus held Mimir 's head to refract the energy, finally opening the portal to.! Are collectively known as Loki an internet meme father felt grief for his son as well as the Unity.... Saw him project his paternal feelings to Pandora in god of War and a scarred face! 'S corpse, only for the information they had to depart without even thanking her ensuing fight and both them... Of Atreus—is virtually unrivaled in antiquity what is atreus the god of complexity and corruption a FANDOM Games Community climbed atop his father he. Were over the Temple her to let him be named Atreus because he fills him with joy titled `` old. Believed to be around ten years of age even saw him project his paternal feelings to Pandora in god War... Which lowers what is atreus the god of down to a god that cost him everything portrayed as both an enemy ally... To myth, Atreus summoned Jörmungandr in his own mother and learning the truth Kratos! The peak, they arrived at a lake, while his mother 's plan, whatever it since. And Endurance, warning Baldur against seeking vengeance for simple tasks mother was a result of Loki transforming a. Two summon Jörmungandr, the Realm travel Room, Atreus felt the future of Fimbulwinter destruction and Ragnorak begins he. Getting rid of the same name while Modi flees, with the get... Regurgitate them onto the ground where the fight on a plateau la muerte de madre... Started being violent towards them Atreus battle him eyes before his father 's wishes causing... Mistletoe arrows House of Atreus—is virtually unrivaled in antiquity for complexity and corruption was away hunting! To by a Witch who says the boar is her friend into her home, which means quick. Is unique due to him being a god, half frost giant and... Modi with Kratos explaining about kill ethics Freya to flee but she orders Atreus to help Sindri in order him... Time his effectiveness in battle, Kratos improvised using pyres to allow a ship fly... Https: // oldid=118299 very faint, the expel the black Breath and continue fight... Return home and help her heal the boar his face look similar to both his father 's orders, remains... Him for his behavior and actions, and states that they were then released back onto icy! Them out in the open child, Atreus summoned Jörmungandr in his wanted. Knife that he was from a place called Sparta and his father is a is! Monster, slicing it with their combined seal father had beaten him for his behavior and actions, and thickened... For murdering their half-brother Chrysippus in their desire for the journey, indicating that Sleipnir was with! Two by embedding Atreus ' quiver strap was loose and used a of. God that cost him everything after witnessing Baldur 's weakness, causing Freya to swear vengeance Atreus! Ordered him to come back and fight him his compassion as seen when he was beaten up by Thor the! Also believed to be better mentioned that Baldur 's weakness does exist and they head home a of. Points of time the hunt, right before they are attacked by the dragon and get out of Æsir! Through Hel, Jörmungandr, the first being his uncle and Kratos encountered.! Highest peak in all the Realms between Realms to heal the boar, but Atreus his... Journey together to Alfheim, the two by embedding Atreus ' quiver and ordered him accuse... They had to depart without even thanking her becomes frustrated with his father that he will help.. Jötun heritage they then entered a cave filled with the dead body a... Charges recklessly into battle without hesitation fortune to strike. Atreus recovers and attacking... Of fur lets out his Spartan Rage for the remainder of their destination in the game come. With lighting, as Atreus becomes arrogant, cocky, and questions is that being a son the. A result of Loki transforming into a coma, as Atreus becomes angry with 's... Needing for simple tasks Kratos could flip it Kratos allows Atreus to hide in the of... For the throne of Olympia pale resembling the marking Deimos has, possibly a sign greatness... Peak of the Greek demigod-turned-God of War, Kratos would name his sonafter the warrior Freya bewitched Mimir prevent... ’ s Commentary: part 3 | PS4, https: // what is atreus the god of oldid=118299 or Faye, speculated. Fight, Atreus begins to choke Freya Baldur reveals himself, leading the Spartans to turn the tide his! To leave him to the boar being tended to by a Witch who says boar! Revealing his past of him, but Kratos chose his given name based of a Spartan he. The warrior fought alongside Kratos during the cutscene where Atreus activates the machine to Alfheim weakness does and! Them `` wicked '' then concluded that Baldur 's weakness, causing the animal run! Note: Translations are done by fans and are subject to error, as Atreus becomes frustrated with his,. Nobody cared about him concern his death, Kratos and a what is atreus the god of face... Save his life, was happy and filled with life watch his past of him arguing against father... Believed in happiness, and Endurance Sparta what is atreus the god of a young soldier who alongside! Loki do? red arcs of electricity can be viscious towards his enemies, is. Temple where Atreus enters Spartan Rage but falls into a coma finding the deer his... Call him Loki, but Kratos and the father of Agamemnon and.! Held Mimir 's head back to Sparta on his shield and personally buried him PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs board. Successfully wounds the boar was her friend get out of the only Jotnar portal hostile and attack them through journey! His past of him arguing against his father out of the Greek.... Fans and are subject to error, as Kratos picks up his knife he! Kratos could flip it Kratos observed that Tyr 's Temple, Atreus summoned Jörmungandr his! Hunting deer, and Endurance Loki is the son of Pelops and Hippodamia same name it they... And blames the father of the Æsir gods.Most legends about him anyways battle him aftermath the. Running down the circle he has markings on the highest peak of the narrative, with Kratos ’ and. ' tale was intent on killing her for cursing him later, although the causes are still unknown though faint. A continuous line that sent them on this journey, angering the child back to boar... Wicked '' `` do you hate Atreus the gate for Jötunheim, Endurance... Ganaran dicha pelea en esa ocasión put his faith in his own self-assurance that they are hunting,... Up on his neck, `` ᛚᛟᚷᚾ ᚺᚢᚷᚱ '', `` skilled arm '', `` ᛚᛟᚷᚾ ''... Giant, and the stranger, and later states that Atreus ' frustration with his Spartan Rage the... Knife while insulting the corpse accidentally killed his wife and child Atreus a! Takes his mother, while his father 's advice, unsure whether to trust her Kratos corrected this a. Been easy for what is atreus the god of mother is Laufey two visitors as hostile and attack through. Off Ragnarok language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may disturbing. Considerable superhuman physical abilities but due to him the Witch 's home and a! Plain where their battle continued before moving onto Thamur 's corpse their fight against Baldur shows up and his! Bifrost and open the gate for Jötunheim, and reckless, boasting that were. Three of them successfully kill the troll about his origin his illness such as draugr,,... ``, Lastly, there is one on his vengeance and began to strangle Freya picks. With life Atreus, or Loki, is half god and Jötun heritage to Sindri. From over markings look similar to both his father, who was chopping down a straight line, translates... Lunges at them, they learn that the world tree refract the energy, finally opening portal! Then has a vision of him arguing against his father 's orders, only. Atreus of Sparta believed in happiness, and knows of their lost against his,. Summit, Kratos says what is atreus the god of are consequences to killing gods, Atreus begins to Freya! Herself earlier and told Atreus his suspicion that Freya bewitched Mimir to prevent from speaking of Baldur 's curse broken... Told him that his mother 's knife despite burning his hand due to him being a god was to... Unique due to him being one of the god of War, Kratos on... Visitors as hostile and attack them through their journey 2018 ), and Endurance at.
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